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About the Initiative

The goal of the Water Point Data Exchange (WPDx) is to simplify the way water point data is shared so all stakeholders can work more efficiently. WPDx achieves this through two components: 

  1. The WPDx Standard is a collaboratively developed standard that is overseen by a diverse global working group. This simple data exchange standard was developed based on what water point data is already being collected globally, ensuring that almost any water point data can fit into the standard.
  2. The WPDx Repository is a cloud-based data library that enables sharing of global data that is compliant with the WPDx standard. To date, nearly 250,000 records from almost 25 countries have been brought together through the WPDx repository Data in the repository is freely available here


The Water Point Data Exchange is governed by a diverse group of WASH experts, representing organizations including:


Sharing data through WPDx provides significant benefits to the data provider. These benefits include: 

Clear Leadership: Participating in WPDx demonstrates a clear commitment to transparency. As this initiative is still in early stages, those contributing data are recognized as clear leaders in the water sector. This global leadership will be highlighted through WPDx communications channels, as well as via communications assets of WPDx partners.

Updated Data: WPDx is currently developing features that will allow for the status of water points to be updated by any other data set reporting on the same points at a later time. This will allow stakeholders to see the latest recorded status of any water point, even if the updated information was not collected by the original data provider.

Alignment with Development Partners: Transparent and simplified access to water point data through WPDx will allow development partners to easily understand the current landscape of water system investment and identify areas for which they could provide assistance.

Simplified Data Sharing: WPDx will return a simple and clean spreadsheet of all data to the provider after it has been integrated into the WPDx standard. This file can be made available through the data provider’s website. All of the data will also be accessible through WPDx itself.

Benchmarking Progress: By sharing the water point mapping data with WPDx, stakeholders will be able to benchmark progress on water access and coverage in comparison to other countries Because WPDx offers a standardized framework for sharing data, similar information can be directly compared and benchmarked. 

Emergency Response: Through a partnership with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs’ Humanitarian Data Exchange, all water point data is automatically made available to emergency response agencies, before it is needed. This partnership will help to streamline relief in the event of an emergency.