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About the WPDx Standard

Based on Current Practices

The core attributes included in the Water Point Data Exchange are already being collected by governments, researchers, and organizations around the world. The standard is based on a robust desktop evaluation that reviewed over 2,500 attributes from 40 organizations around the world. This ensures that most organizations can already share the data they are collecting, with no changes needed. You can see the findings of the desktop review here for more information (PDF, 1.2MB).

Collaboratively Developed

This standard was designed by a wide range of stakeholders from across sectors and around the world. From the initial desktop review of more than 40 monitoring frameworks to the diversity of the working group, the initial standard was the product of significant collaboration. This draft standard was then put online for extensive public comment and reviewed by over 100 experts worldwide. You can see the the comments and official responses to the public comments here (PDF, 700KB).

Expertly Advised

The WPDx Standard is advised by a working group made of water and data experts from across the globe. The full list of working group members is available here.



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