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  • Water, Spillovers and Free Riding: the Economics of Pump Functionality in Tanzania

    Which factors predict the functionality of hand pumps? Do communities free ride on their neighbors’ water sources? Are there positive spillover effects in the maintenance of nearby pumps? And what does this all mean for practitioners? This post gives an overview of the ongoing Economics PhD research of Rossa O'Keeffe-O'Donovan, which tries to answer these questions using data from WPDx.

  • First Data Shared in Burkina Faso

    Over 100 water point records have been shared in Burkina Faso, providing the first glimpse of water services in that country through WPDx.

  • Almost 4,000 New Records Added in Liberia

    Almost 4,000 records have been added in Liberia, providing new insights to the water point landscape in this country. 

  • Over 800 new records added in Uganda

    WPDx users can now learn about water points in Uganda with unprecidented detail.

  • What's new on the Water Point Data Exchange website

    During the last three months, I've had the pleasure to work with our team on the Water Point Data Exchange website. We are now introducing many new exciting features to make the sharing and using water point data easier than ever. In the last seven months, visitors have downloaded the complete water point data set twenty times per month or nearly once per work day.