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Proposal to Add Notes Field to WPDx


  • Global Water Challenge

Proposal Supporters that have Shared Data:

  • Haiti Outreach – Brian Jensen
  • Department of Water Affairs, Swaziland – Nompumelelo Ntshalintshali
  • USAID Water Team – Oliver Subasinghe

Reason for Proposed Change:

  • There is no way for donors to track the programs they have supported, if they want to.
  • Organizations that share data have no way to expand the standard in the unique ways that allow them to maximize use of the global repository.

Proposed Change and Implementation Guidance:

  • Proposed Attributes
    • #notes
      • Use this space to include any other information related to the record that will improve the value of the data to your stakeholders.
      • Open text (JSON format is recommended)
  • Proposed Metadata
    • What information is captured in the “#notes” field for these records?
      • This question can help users outside of the target audience decode the information provided in the notes field.

Evidence that the Data is Being Collected:

  • Almost all data sets in WPDx contain information that did not get incorporated into the WPDx standard.

Impact on Data Usage:

  • Using a #notes field expands the ability of the WPDx standard to link together records across a donor’s portfolio, for example. This can help donors to evaluate their impact.
  • A certain community of users (i.e. INGO, WASH cluster, partnership, etc.) can define their own framework for using the “#notes” field, including using the field to hold an attribute that is a high priority for the specific community that was not incorporated into WPDx. Using an internally agreed delimiter, multiple attributes can be included in the WPDx repository. This will allow WPDx to be used in sharing locally- or context-relevant information for customized analyses.


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