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Proposal to Add Water Scheme ID


  • Global Water Challenge

Proposal Supporters that have Shared Data:

  • Haiti Outreach – Brian Jensen
  • Department of Water Affairs, Swaziland – Nompumelelo Ntshalintshali

Reason for Proposed Change:

  • There is currently no way to connect individual water points to a common scheme.
  • As WPDx increases data beyond Africa where small rural piped schemes are more common, this change is critical to ensure that data is accurately captured.
  • This allows for improved decision-making by enabling users to make an informed guess whether an entire piped scheme is non-functional, or if some taps are simply not working.
  • This data allows for new analysis that better represents the reality on the ground in many places.

Proposed Change and Implementation Guidance:

  • Proposed Attributes
    • #scheme_id
      • If the water point is part of a piped scheme (i.e. all water points in the scheme share a common source), provide an ID for the source
      • Open text
  • Other Notes
    • A scheme is defined as a distribution network which supplies more than one point of water collection.
    • A record will still be required for each individual tap stand or water point in a network.
    • This doesn’t change the mandate of WPDx to focus on rural water systems. Large piped schemes (i.e. urban areas) will still be outside the purview of WPDx.

Evidence that the Data is Being Collected:

  • 3 of the largest data sources in WPDx or elsewhere (Water For People, SIASAR, Government of Swaziland) all contain scheme level information.

Impact on Data Usage:

  • Users can estimate the cost of rehabilitation (where required) by determining if an individual tap on a network is broken or if the entire network is non-functional.
  • Users can analyze the functionality of an entire scheme.