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Sharing Data from Mobile Applications

If you are currently using a mobile application to collect water point data, such as Akvo or mWater, WPDx can integrate your data for you!

If you have access to the raw data yourself, you can send that data in a .csv or .xls directly to As a reminder, please be sure to remove any personally identifying information before sending.

If not, all you need to do is confirm that you would like to share your data with WPDx. To do this, click the appropriate link or use the template below to email

I want to share my data collected using Akvo

I want to share my data collected using mWater

You can also send this template to

Dear Water Point Data Exchange,

I’m writing to request that all of the water point data that our organization collected using [name of provider such as Akvo or mWater] be made public through WPDx.

We confirm the provider agreement available at

Thank you.