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Prepare your Data


You can upload and share your water point data by following these four simple steps:

  1. Learn about the WPDx standard and review the list of standardized hashtags.
  2. Insert WPDx hashtags into your headers and export your spreadsheet in CSV format.
  3. Create a user account.
  4. Upload your data!

A brief example

All you need to do is replace your headers with the appropriate WPDx hashtag from the list. If no WPDx hashtag matches a column of data, you can leave your own header.

WPDx Example

There are only four requirements for water point data:

  1. Location of the Water Point: WPDx uses decimal values in WGS 1984. Most cell phones and many GPS devices provide location in this format automatically.
  2. Date of Inventory: WPDx uses YYYY-MM-DD formatting, so January 23 becomes "2015-01-23".
  3. The Source or Type of the Water Point: WPDx allows the type of water technology ("Ghana modified India Mark II handpump") and/or water source ("Spring") that is being described.
  4. Whether Any Water was Flowing: WPDx allows "Yes", "No", or "Unknown". Full details of the status can additionally be included using the "#status" hashtag.



Need help? Please contact us to send us your data and we will help you format it correctly and add it to the repository.