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Propose Changes to the WPDx Data Exchange Standard

Recognizing that the water sector is constantly evolving and improving, the WPDx standard has been designed to grow with the sector. This objective is achieved through the WPDx standard change process, described below.

Process for Changing the WPDx Standard

  • Step 1: Proposal will be submitted to, including all of the information below.
  • Step 2: The submitter will be invited to present their proposal on the next WPDx working group meeting.
  • Step 3: After the presentation, the proposal will be featured on the WPDx blog with comments enabled to allow for discussion.
  • Step 4: Voting members of the WPDx working group will vote on the proposal during the next Working Group meeting after the proposal is introduced and the feedback will be shared with the submitter.
  • Step 5: Unless otherwise noted, proposals will become effective on January 31 or June 30, whichever follows the approval of the proposal.

Guidelines for Proposals to Change the WPDx Standard

The proposal must be within two pages and include the following elements to be considered:

  • What are the names and contact details for representatives of at least two current WPDx data providers (other than the submitter) that support this proposal?
  • What is the proposed change and how should it be implemented?
  • What is the reasoning for this proposed change?
  • How would this proposed change impact the way that data can be used in the future?
  • What evidence is there that this information is already being collected by a wide range of stakeholders?