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The WPdx Data Standard

  • Commonly Measured Parameters. The core parameters included in the WPdx Data Standard are commonly collected by governments, researchers, and organizations around the world.The standard is based on a robust desktop evaluation that reviewed over 2,500 parameters from 40 organizations around the world. The findings from the desktop review can be found here for additional information (PDF, 1.2MB).
  • Collaboratively Designed. The WPdx Data Standard was designed by a wide range of stakeholders from across sectors and around the world. From the initial desktop review of more than 40 monitoring frameworks to the diversity of the working group, the initial standard was the product of significant collaboration. This draft standard was then put online for extensive public comment and reviewed by over 100 experts worldwide. The comments and official responses to the public comments can be found here (PDF, 700KB).
  • Maintained by Leaders in the Sector. The WPdx Data Standard is overseen by a working group made of water and data experts from across the globe. The full list of working group members is available here.

Please note that our ingestion engine is built on the Google framework and will require you to log in with your Google account.

How to share your data


Why Share Data with WPdx?

WPdx is an efficient way to strengthen local and national systems by providing a common platform for data sharing and analysis. Sharing data through WPdx provides significant benefits to both the data provider and the decision-makers. These benefits include:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to data transparency
    • The WPdx platform provides free and open-access to global water point data for all users.
  • Increase impact of data collection efforts
    • The harmonized WPdx dataset provides a more comprehensive view of the local water sector than any one organization has on their own.
  • Contribute to evidence-based decisions
    • WPdx decision support tools allow governments and other organizations to make informed choices on water sector budgets and priority locations for preventative maintenance, rehabilitation and construction.
  • Benchmark progress
    • WPdx offers a standardized framework for sharing data allowing similar information to be directly compared and benchmarked across different geographies.

Data Submission Policy

To provide unpublished data to the WPDx repository, the Global Water Challenge requires each data provider to agree to the WPdx Provider Agreement shown below. 

WPdx Provider Agreement

As the provider of data that is not currently in the public domain, and for the purposes of sharing through the Water Point Data Exchange (WPdx), please confirm the following:

  • You have secured all rights necessary to authorize sharing of this data and to determine how it is shared in the future.
  • You are licensing this data to the Water Point Data Exchange under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, available at  
  • WPdx reserves the right to change or modify the provider agreement at our sole discretion at any time. We will notify you about significant changes in the provider agreement by sending a notice to this email address so that you can choose whether to continue sharing data with WPdx. Significant changes will go into effect no less than 30 days after we notify you.
  • Any modifications to the provider agreement will not change the license referenced above unless written permission is given by the provider.
  • Your email address will be the main avenue for informing you of any updates to the provider agreement.