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WPdx has compiled over 584987 water points contributed by 99 organizations. 

The data available through the Water Point Data Exchange provides a powerful foundation for advanced analytics. Each of the following (beta) decision support tools utilize WPdx and geospatial datasets to help governments and their partners make evidence-based decisions. The links below provide access to each of the (beta) tools as well as instructions, methodologies, and limitations.

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WPdx Data Availability

These tools are based on the latest available WPdx+ dataset. You can use the map below to evaluate data coverage for WPdx-Basic in target locations (will be updated to relect WPdx+ data shortly).

If data coverage is not complete, you can share additional data through WPdx.

For a comparison of WPdx-Basic adn WPdx+ datasets, please check out our blog post.

Data may take a moment to load.

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