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Sierra Leone is harnessing WPDx to lead the African continent in sharing, accessing, and using water point data.

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The Challenge

The amount of water point data being collected is growing rapidly as governments and development partners increasingly monitor water points over time. Unfortunately this data is often collected, stored and shared using unique approaches. As a result, new data can not be easily shared or used by others. These emerging monitoring efforts will have limited impact on improving programming and sustainability if the data remains inaccessible on organizational servers, in PDF reports and in proprietary monitoring systems. Without harmonization among these different data sources, the opportunity for learning will be limited, with the true potential of this information remaining untapped.

The Opportunity

By establishing a platform for sharing water point data throughout the global water sector, WPDx will add value to the data already being collected. Through bringing together diverse data sets, the water sector can establish an unprecedented understanding of water services. Sharing this data has the potential to improve water access for millions of people as a result of better information available to governments, service providers, researchers, NGOs, and others. Click here to share your data today!