While researchers, governments, and NGOs around the world are using WPDx for a wide range of uses, we recently heard of an interesting new use – looking at what partners are working in a given area to explore opportunities for collaboration. 

Through the WPDx platform, Initiative: Eau wase able to see other organizations completing water point data collection and mapping.  In particular, they were able to connect with Rasmata ONLUS and H2OpenMap, an association based in Italy working in Western Burkina Faso. Through this connection facilitated by WPDx, they were able to discuss potential ways by which to collaborate so as to ensure maximal use of resources and to initiate enhanced data sharing across the nation.  

This type of collaboration is a terrific example of the many ways that the vast range of data in WPDx can be used. If you are interested in exploring which other organizations are sharing data in the countries you work in, click the link here.