In January, 2021, the WPDx Working Group voted to approve the addition of three new parameters, plus some minor edits and clarifications to the WPDx Data Standard. The new parameters include:

• Tertiary Administrative Division (#adm3)
Description: Provide the name of the tertiary administrative division. The correct unit can be
found at This corresponds to “Third Order” and “Third Level”
administrative units at and respectively.
Format: Open Text

• Rehabilitation Year (#rehab_year)
Description: Provide the 4-digit year when the most recent major rehabilitation (not just regular maintenance) occurred.
Format: Four numbers (ex. 1994)

• Rehabilitator (#rehabilitator)
Description: Provide the name of the entity or entities that completed the most recent
rehabilitation of the water system. This should be the entities that complete or were directly
responsible for the construction, rather than a donor or other involved stakeholder.
Format: Open Text, with multiple entities separated with a “;”

The addition of #adm3 allows users to provide details on the “district” level in countries, such as Ethiopia which have additional administrative divisions. The addition of #rehab_year and #rehabilitator allows users to differentiate between installation and rehabilitation events. The full updated standard can be found here.

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